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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

If your vehicle is in a sticky situation here in Cincinnati, OH, we are the team that you can trust to resolve the issue! With a diverse fleet of tow trucks, we can deal with all kinds of vehicles from RV towing to semi towing to box truck towing and even 18 wheeler towing! This service will ensure your vehicle is out of its sticky situation, getting you back on the move just as you need to be. With years of experience in this field, you can rely on Cinci Towing & Recovery for a winch out and rollback service that guarantees the safety and effective resolving of any issue for your vehicle!

What is a Winch Out?

Our winch out service is ideal if your vehicle is stuck in a sticky situation. Ideal for pulling a vehicle out of mud, snow, ditches, water, and any other unwelcoming surface, if your vehicle has gone in, we are the team to get it out! Contact us today for an affordable way to salvage your vehicle!

What is a Rollback Service?

A rollback service is a type of towing. Usually transporting privately owned vehicles, a rollback is used to move a vehicle on a flatbed from the ground all the way onto the tow truck. The system uses a winch that carefully lowers the motorized flatbed onto the ground, where the vehicle is maneuvered onto it, and then can be raised to a safe position. Once this has been achieved a secure fastening and lock are put into place, and then the transport can begin. Although most commonly used on domestic vehicles, this service can also be used for other sized vehicles, so please feel welcome to contact us for more details. It is a great way to reliably and cheaply move your vehicle!

Vehicles we work with

As the local experts in all things towing and recovery, we can work with all kinds of vehicles. From RVs to 18 wheeler vehicles, whatever the size and weight of the vehicle that you have, we can help. We work with a range of equipment that allows us to be versatile in the vehicles we serve. All are of the highest standard and are guaranteed to provide a safe and secure service that you can rely on to benefit your vehicle.

Why us?

With vast experience working on all kinds of vehicles, we are here to resolve any difficult situation that has meant your vehicle is stuck. We provide booked appointments as well as a 24-hour emergency service that will make sure you are back on the move as quickly as possible. All of our team are extensively trained with excellent experience working on winch out and rollback services. They work with only the highest quality of equipment to ensure the utmost safety and protection for your vehicle every time. For the best recovery towing service in the area, and at an affordable price too, we are the people to help!

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