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Full Wrecker Service

As the number one auto towing service in Cincinnati, OH, we provide an auto wrecker option that you simply cannot refuse. Offering services of unbeatable quality, we work with a team of mechanics who are extensively experienced in their fields. These experts are using equipment and tow trucks of the highest standard, guaranteeing a safe and reliable roadside assistance service and/or tow. For the best full wrecker service around, get in touch when you require it!

What is a full wrecker service?

A wrecker service is a general term that we use to explain the towing of vehicles. It also includes blanket maintenance and repair works at the roadside. As the local experts in roadside services, we provide works that you can rely on to achieve the best for your vehicle. Not only offering the ability to tow the vehicle but also to work on it and potentially save you a lot of hassle! We can deal with all kinds of issues in this service as well as all kinds of vehicles, including varying sizes, weights, styles, and brands. For a team that you can trust to help- you have come to the right place!


A full wrecker service is different from a simple recovery towing as it relies on your vehicle still having the ability to move. If at least two wheels on the one axle are still functioning, our wrecker service can tow it easily. We have a full range of towing vehicles that can deal with any type of vehicle. From RVs to box trucks to 18 wheelers and semi vehicles, our services are here to ensure if your vehicle can move on one axis, we can provide a wrecker service that gets you back on the go as quickly as possible!

Vehicles we work with

Our wrecker service is incredibly diverse, allowing us to work with all kinds of vehicles, of all sizes, shapes, and weights. Our expert mechanics can support you in all situations, providing roadside assistance as well as booked tow appointments and emergency towing. We have a fleet of varying tow trucks that enable the inclusion of motorcycle towing, RV towing, 18 wheeler towing, and semi towing. Our team is extensively experienced in all of these types of vehicles and will perform thorough roadside services as well as towing.

Why us?

Here at Cinci Towing & Recovery, we have been providing an unbeatable standard wrecker service to our local community. We work hard to ensure that any stressful situations are kept as easy as possible, offering a 24 hour emergency service, fast response rates, affordable prices, and long-lasting repairs. Able to work on all kinds of vehicles and come out to you wherever you are across the region, if you need roadside assistance and potentially a tow service, we are the people that you can rely on to achieve the best for your vehicle and get you back on the go as quickly as we can!

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